A Look at our Barbers…

Jorge Colon


Jorge is the Owner/ Master Barber at The Schenectady Barbershop.  He began barbering in 2010 and has quickly grown into one of the premier barbers in the area.  Passionate about his career and appreciative of his blessings Jorge delivers exactly what you want with style and consistency.

Sue Donnelly

Sue Bio Pic

Sue graduated Austin’s School of Spa technology in 2014. From the time she started thinking about barbering she took on an apprenticeship to gain real barbershop experience. Sue is a mother of a beautiful baby girl and really is one of a kind.



Every now and then Elvis comes to hang out!  He won’t cut your hair but you probably wouldn’t want that anyhow.  Full of love and curiosity he just wants a scratch.  Stop by and say hi!